A major leap forward in the development of medical technology

Accelerate medical device approval with Simq's Simulation Services

Apply simulation in accordance with the latest guidelines and standards in a regulatory-compliant manner – so that you can fully exploit the potential of simulation. We accompany you with experience and know-how to support you in the approval of your medical device with state-of-the-art simulation techniques.

Benefits for you

Faster approval through in silico tests

Better risk management using ASME approved processes

Objective evidence of product performance and safety for technical documentation

The future of medical technology

Computer modeling and simulation have proven their value in highly complex and critical technology sectors such as aerospace, chip design, and power engineering. These reliable simulation methods have the potential to revolutionize medical device approval by reliably replacing in vitro and in vivo testing with in silico testing.

In the future, the use of ethically difficult animal and human testing will be shifted to the level of virtual test setups including virtual patients, providing early opportunities to safely test and adapt product developments. Accelerated medical device approval will thus be possible and can also be planned in terms of time.

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