Simq platform

Our core technology for your individual products

Our technology platform enables healthtech easy access to in silico medicine and computer simulation and modeling.

Together we realize your ideas and innovations developing personalized medical products based on our platform.

Benefit from our strong partners

microsoft create digital twins with sim and computational medicine
ansys use simq for virtual environment for machine learning and digital models
cadfem group use simq digital environment to accurately reflect and predictive analytics of virtual representations
avivenna alliance use different aspects of simq to run simulations for a virtual representation of complex systems

Key advantages of our Simq platform

Scalable & robust cloud platform for your medical product

Available software
based on Simq Platform

simq virtual environment for digital twins, drug discovery, and digital twin molecular biology processing system

This is how Simq platform gives you easy access to technologies of tomorrow 

Client Network

Local Simq clients provide users with an interface and easy access to the application of physics-based computational models in tomorrow’s medicine. The slim client installations allow hardware- and software-intensive computational operations to be easily outsourced without sacrificing number and precision.

Simq solutions

The Simq platform is the foundation and secure hub for your specific Simq application. The jointly developed Simq products, which are tailored to your product requirements, use our Simq Platform as the technology basis. This allows them to use flexible and secure interfaces and seamless communication with predefined databases to improve your products through simulation.


Simq’s scalable infrastructure enables unrestricted access to the in silico revolution. The cloud infrastructure provides the predefined tool for number chrunching of digital twins. The almost unlimited expandable and GxP verified infrastructures enable a location-independent use of the simulation in everyday medical practice.

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