in silico medicine

Digitization is expanding the boundaries of medicine and medical technology

Computer modeling and simulation (CM&S) or in silico technologies combine computational tools with biology to perform complex analyses of life science applications in an intuitive, accurate, and reproducible manner.  

An in silico model in medicine involves modeling, simulation and visualization of a medical issue. Modeling represents the elements of a biological system, simulation tries to show in a realistic way how this system develops over time under the influence of given stimuli. Visualization presents predictions in graphical form.

Key technology for the future of medicine

in vivo – in vitro – in silico

In the future, the use of ethically difficult animal and human trials will be shifted to the level of the virtual trial setup, including virtual patients. This will provide the opportunity to safely test and adapt product developments at an early stage. Accelerated medical product approval and efficient market monitoring of products already on the market thus become possible and can also be planned in terms of time.
With in silico, even better diagnoses and therapies will be possible in the future. The use of simulation prior to surgery and the representation of physical processes in the digital patient enable patient-specific and thus more efficient treatments.

Benefits of in silico medicine

in silico medicine improves diagnoses and therapies and

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