Transforming Dental Restorations: Introducing Simq VIT Dental Workflow for Digital Verification

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Digital verification and compliance with dental workflow regulatory standards is paramount in a rapidly evolving dental technology landscape. Introducing new regulations for custom-made devices in the EU and the US has reshaped the industry, making it essential for dental professionals to stay ahead of the curve.  This blog introduces the revolutionizing Simq VIT Dental Workflow, designed […]

The Power of Parametric Modeling: Simq OSP’s Impact on Hip Trauma Treatment

In the realm of hip trauma treatment, Simq OSP stands as a pioneering force, harnessing the power of parametric modeling to redefine surgical planning. This blog explores the critical role of parametric modeling and statistical representation in Simq OSP, shedding light on how these techniques shape the future of hip trauma treatment and enhance patient […]

Virtual Surgical Planning in the Digital Age With Simq OSP

The landscape of surgical planning is undergoing a digital transformation thanks to the advent of Simq OSP. This innovative tool empowers medical professionals to embrace virtual surgical planning, enabling them to simulate and optimize procedures before setting foot in the operating room. In this blog, we’ll explore how Simq OSP is ushering in a new […]

The Journey from Research to Market: Simq OSP’s Impact on Surgical Planning

Simq OSP, a groundbreaking tool for enhancing surgical planning and precision in hip trauma treatment, went from being a research project to a market-ready product.  This blog post focuses on the transition of Simq OSP from a research project to a commercial product, making advanced surgical planning more easily accessible to medical professionals. We will […]

Revolutionizing Hip Trauma Treatment with Simq OSP: A Technical Overview

Hip trauma treatment has entered a new era with the advent of Simq OSP. This cutting-edge numerical tool integrates advanced simulations, parametric modeling, and statistical representation into surgical planning. In this blog, we embark on a technical journey to unravel the intricacies of Simq OSP and understand how it is reshaping the landscape of hip […]

Digital Precision with Simq VIT: Custom Implant Verification

Unlocking the power of Simq VIT for digital precision verification of patient-specific implants In response to the call for increased responsibility in custom implant manufacturing by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and MDCG, the solution of digital verification has emerged as the future-proof and compliant approach.  What is Simq VIT? Simq VIT is the […]

FDA approval of dental implants through cost and time-effective FEM analysis

In silico simulation methods have the potential to revolutionize medical device approval by reliably replacing in vitro and in vivo testing. By moving to the virtual patient, there are numerous advantages for medical device manufacturers: early intervention in product development, safe testing and fitting, avoidance of time-consuming and costly human and animal trials. The innovative […]