Get a free trial version of Simq VIT 3.8.2

Get a free trial version of Simq VIT 3.8.2

Changing Medical Device Design: A Deep Dive into Simq VIT 

Simulation technologies are leading new solutions in the rapidly advancing medical device industry. One such impactful tool is Simq VIT, short for virtual implant testing, developed by Simq. This software offers a comprehensive platform for optimizing the design of custom implants in collaboration with biomechanical engineers and surgeons. 

Through the application of the finite element method (FEM) and physics-based simulation, Simq VIT enables the testing of load cases on patient-specific designs, providing insights into implant deformation and performance. Additionally, a musculoskeletal model is included to account for muscle and joint reaction forces, enhancing the biomechanical simulation’s accuracy and relevance.

Simq VIT - Introduction to 3.6.0

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Simq VIT’s capabilities extend to various anatomical regions, with a focus on cranio-maxillofacial operations. The software facilitates the simulation of implant behavior in scenarios such as maxillary subperiosteal and mandibular tooth-carried bridge workflows. By simulating load cases and assessing factors like material limits, total deformation, bone strain, and stress distribution, Simq VIT empowers engineers and clinicians to make informed decisions regarding implant design and performance. The integration of physical testing, research data, and compliance with regulatory guidelines ensures the reliability and accuracy of simulation results.

A key highlight of Simq VIT is its ability to generate detailed reports based on simulation outcomes, providing a comprehensive overview of implant performance metrics. The software’s user-friendly interface allows for seamless navigation through different workflows, enabling users to visualize and analyze the impact of various design modifications. From material selection to screw forces and bone strain, Simq VIT offers a holistic approach to virtual implant testing, streamlining the design optimization process and enhancing communication between engineering and medical teams.

Furthermore, the software’s adaptability and scalability make it a valuable asset for not only current applications but also future developments in the medical device industry. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for incorporating bone remodeling and osseointegration considerations into numerical models represents a promising path for enhancing the realism and accuracy of virtual implant testing. While current simulations focus on healthy bone characteristics, the prospect of individualized medical twins opens up new possibilities for personalized implant design and evaluation.

Simq’s commitment to advancing simulation technology goes beyond virtual implant testing, encompassing a wide range of medical simulation applications. From computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for airway mapping to virtual patient cohorts and machine learning support, Simq offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at transforming clinical studies and testing methodologies. By leveraging simulation tools to diminish reliance on animal and human testing, Simq contributes significantly to enhancing innovation and efficiency in the medical device industry.

In conclusion, Simq VIT exemplifies the transformative impact of simulation technology on healthcare, showcasing its role in advancing medical solutions. By combining engineering expertise with clinical insights, Simq VIT empowers users to optimize implant designs, improve patient outcomes, and streamline the validation process. As the field of virtual implant testing continues to evolve, the integration of advanced capabilities, such as individualized bone characteristics and expanded anatomical workflows, holds immense potential for revolutionizing medical device design and evaluation. With Simq leading the way, the future of virtual implant testing is indeed promising and full of possibilities.

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