Get a free trial version of Simq VIT 3.8.2

Get a free trial version of Simq VIT 3.8.2

Digital Precision with Simq VIT: Custom Implant Verification

Unlocking the power of Simq VIT for digital precision verification of patient-specific implants

In response to the call for increased responsibility in custom implant manufacturing by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and MDCG, the solution of digital verification has emerged as the future-proof and compliant approach. 

What is Simq VIT?

Simq VIT is the pioneering software designed to streamline the digital verification process for patient-specific implants. With its user-friendly interface and adherence to new regulatory requirements, Simq VIT offers a fast, reliable, and objective means to assess the performance and safety of custom implants.

Simq VIT, the Digital Verification of Patient-Specific Implants, empowers medical device manufacturers to verify the efficacy of their custom implant designs seamlessly. This innovative software enables quick and efficient verification based on objective criteria by virtually applying physiological or standardized loads to patient-specific scenarios. The digital verification process becomes accessible to all, eliminating complexities and promoting ease of use.

The software simplifies the virtual application of physiological or standardized loads, providing a realistic representation of implant performance. Manufacturers can objectively evaluate their safety and effectiveness by subjecting custom implants to these loads.

Crucially, the tool ensures compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

As the FDA and MDCG urge medical device manufacturers to take greater responsibility for custom implants, Simq VIT enables manufacturers to meet these expectations. The software’s rigorous verification process aligns with the evolving regulatory landscape, allowing manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and reliability of their patient-specific implants confidently.

Software for Superior Patient Outcomes

Simq VIT offers unparalleled speed and efficiency in the verification process.

By harnessing the power of digital technology, manufacturers can swiftly evaluate the performance of custom implants without sacrificing accuracy. The software’s objective criteria-based assessment enhances decision-making, enabling manufacturers to optimize their designs and achieve superior patient outcomes.

Set Standards You Can Verify

Embracing Simq VIT for digital verification provides a future-proof solution that harmonizes simplicity, speed, and compliance. Manufacturers can leverage this innovative software to validate the performance and safety of their patient-specific implants, revolutionizing the industry and ensuring the highest standards of quality and patient care.

Groundbreaking Solution for Custom Implant Manufacturing

Experience the transformative power of Simq VIT, a groundbreaking solution that changes patient-specific implant verification through biomechanical simulation.

Embark on a new era of digital verification for custom implants, setting the stage for improved outcomes and enhanced confidence in custom implant manufacturing. 

Digital Precision for Patient Satisfaction

The automatically generated report after each simulation with Simq VIT can be used for post-market monitoring and technical documentation. Simq VIT is adaptable to customer requirements, materials and load cases and is therefore suitable for almost all body regions of humans and animals. With a musculoskeletal model, our biomechanical simulation considers joint and muscle forces, optimizing the design of implants without the need for FDA clearance.

Discover the possibilities and witness how they can positively impact patient care and personalized implant solutions.