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Digital Twin Simulation in Medicine

7th December 2022
2 to 6 PM CET / ONLINE
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The Conference

The Simq Conference is the expert conference for the use of simulation and digital twins in the field of medicine and medical technology. It presents real-life practice and cross-divisional ideas and approaches to expand and sustainably improve existing processes or process chains with the help of simulation. The focus is on improved product safety, optimized therapies and diagnostic options, and simplified process flows in the area of development and approval.

The conference will be held in English.

The Target Group

The Simq conference is targeted at decision-makers and innovation drivers. It brings together CEOs, project managers, product managers, regulatory affairs managers, engineers as well as physicians, research institutions, notified bodies and health insurance companies. This creates a unique platform for ideas and exciting discussion about the future of simulation in medicine and medical technology.

The Event Location

The Simq Conference 2022 takes place ONLINE!

After registration you will receive your access by e-mail. We look forward to your participation in the SC’22 conference.

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7th December 2022 / ONLINE


Experience exciting and equally stimulating contributions from our first-class speakers from many areas of the MedTech industry and take the opportunity to exchange ideas with them.

Jonas Biehler

Co-Founder & CTO


Matthieu De Beule

CEO & Co-founder


Karen De Leener

Cardiovascular MDC Market Specialist


Luca Emili


InSilicoTrials Technologies

Martijn Hoeijmakers

Research Engineer


Moritz Küssner

Product Manager CMF

KLS Martin

Hans Lamecker

Managing Director

1000shapes GmbH

Sepehr Moghaddam

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Region Halland

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„I highly recommend this conference. Great presentations and discussions about in silico medicine and how we can bring research to industry.“

Jeffrey E. Bischoff, PhD

Director, Research

“Great conference to share insights on Virtual Patients and in silico clinical trials with like-minded people. This is crucial to make in silico medicine a standard in patient care.”

Karen De Leener

Cardiovascular MDC Market Specialist

„The perfect platform to bring all stakeholders together to share ideas on how we can use digital twins to advance patient-specific diagnosis, therapy planning and treatment in medicine.“

Thomas Koett

Development Engineer Division Implants

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