Transforming Maxillofacial Implant Design with Simq's Advanced Simulation

Craniotech is an innovative biomedical company dedicated to crafting custom implants tailored to the unique needs of patients. They started using Simq VIT to iteratively improve designs and meet the evolving needs of surgeons and patients. Read more about how Simq VIT has been integrated into their process and what advantages they see as a manufacturer.

“Simq VIT is a must. It has completely changed the validation of the design of custom made devices.”

Sven Delport / Chief Operating Officer / CranioTech
Thomas Koett / Development Engineer Implants / KLS Martin Group

Success Story

Transforming Maxillofacial Implant Design

About the customer

CranioTech – “Patient-Specific Solutions”

Craniotech is a specialized biomedical company dedicated to crafting custom medical devices tailored to the unique needs of patients. Their primary focus lies in serving neuro, maxillofacial, and orthopedic surgeons, providing meticulously designed implants that enhance patient outcomes and improve quality of life.

The task

Craniotech aimed to refine its implant design, ultimately reducing its size while maintaining mechanical strength. Before using Simq VIT, Craniotech faced challenges in bulking up implants for adequate strength, leading to potential post-surgery soft tissue implications. However, with Simq VIT’s capabilities, they wanted to optimize designs to eliminate unnecessary bulk, thus minimizing postoperative aesthetic concerns while ensuring implant strength. Through Simq VIT’s assistance, Craniotech wants to achieve optimal implant functionality, underscoring its commitment to innovation and patient-centric care.

The solution

Craniotech chose to incorporate Simq VIT for their project due to its specialized focus on custom implants and its user-friendly interface, which allowed them to upload anatomical STL files directly. Unlike other solutions, Simq VIT was optimized specifically for simulating forces relevant to their maxillofacial implant application, making it the ideal choice for their needs.

To set up the project, Craniotech first uploaded anatomical models together with implants and screws into the Simq VIT software. The project workflow revolved around simulating bite forces to test implant strength. They utilized Simq VIT’s algorithm to run simulations, specifically focusing on the maxilla implant workflow provided by the software. Despite the challenge of minimal maxilla teeth available for force simulation, the Simq team’s support proved invaluable. They worked closely with Craniotech to model the case accurately, overcoming this hurdle through their expertise and responsiveness.

The result

Simq VIT performed exceptionally well, providing comprehensive results essential for Craniotech’s implant assessment. Since adopting Simq VIT, Craniotech has witnessed significant benefits and positive changes within their company. Firstly, it serves as a critical quality assurance step, instilling confidence in both their team and the surgeons they collaborate with regarding the capabilities of their implants. This assurance translates into shortened development times, decreased costs, and improved efficiency, as they can confidently proceed with designs backed by robust simulation data. Moreover, Simq VIT has enabled them to reduce the number of physical prototypes required, saving time and resources while enhancing the overall development process.

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